This Marvel Theme Park Art Is So Cool It Gives Me Brain-Freeze

Marvel Theme ParkAnother day, another "What If?" to ponder... and this time around, it's a very big deal. ($1 billion big, in fact.)

Concept art from the planned Marvel Super-Heroes theme park in Dubai recently popped up online, and while the article seems to infer that the stalled project is still moving forward, I'm content to simply appreciate the art for what it represents: a pretty ambitious, glorious mecca of all-things superhero.

Posted over on the Disney and More blog, the dozen-or-so pieces of art from the Dubai theme park offer a peek at designs for more than $1 billion in attractions, divided into several sections, as well as some conceptual art for rides themed around specific Marvel characters.

Marvel Theme Park

"The Marvel Super-Heroes theme park project was supposed to open in 2011 with an investment of over $1 billion USD but apparently it seems that it will open now in 2012," reports the site, which also notes some uncertainty about how Disney's purchase of Marvel this year could affect the project.

According to the report, Marvel properties like the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man will all have specific attractions at the park focusing on each character or team (including "Flying with Spidey," "Fantasticar" and "X-Men: Danger Room"). Preliminary plans have the park divided up into a "City of Super-Heroes," "Oasis of Magic," "Marvel's Mythic Mountain," "Nick Neighborhood" and "Crater Lake."

While there's no word on whether Dubai's Marvel theme park will ever be completed, this concept art certainly offers a nice peek at what looks to have been a very cool destination for comics fans.

Marvel Theme Park

Marvel Theme Park

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