War Machine And The 'Iron Man 2' Movie Poster: Where Have We Seen This Before?

Iron Man 2War Machine made his grand debut this week in the first official "Iron Man 2" poster, standing side-by-side with leading man and best buddy Tony Stark. But most comic book and movie enthusiasts are too busy gushing over the reveal of James "Rhodey" Rhodes in his highly militarized armor to realize a fundamental truth — this poster has been seen before.

Alright, this exact poster is completely new to the world, but the positioning of Iron Man and War Machine — two compatriots, positioned one in front of the other, ready to face the world as a team — is a standard pose when it comes to Hollywood posters.

Don't believe me? Check out these six movie posters that follow a similar formula to the latest "Iron Man 2" poster for further proof.

Brokeback Mountain


The tragic and profound romance between cowboys Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist is captured in this famous poster for "Brokeback Mountain." While Rhodey and Stark's relationship isn't quite as heartfelt, they certainly can't quit each other, much like Ennis and Jack.

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