Brian Bendis Remembers Canceled 'Marvel Universe' MMO Video Game

We're no strangers to doing a little "What If?" pondering around Splash Page HQ, so we'd like to think that in an alternate universe somewhere, Brian Bendis' work on the canceled "Marvel Universe Online" multiplayer video game eventually made its way to PCs and consoles everywhere. However, we're stuck in a world in which the game stalled out in 2008 and never saw the light of day — despite significant progress on many of the environments planned to host Marvel's massive, multiplayer adventure.

In fact, when we had Bendis in the studio, we asked him about the game and where it was at when everything fell apart.

"There were literally dozens of missions written, there was the Baxter Building built, the X-Mansion was built," Bendis told MTV News. "But it all just... poof... just went away."

"It's too bad. It's weird," he said. "I always think about that. Even in comics, I always think about all the projects that never got finished or were close to finished, and every once in a while I'm at Marvel and someone shows me some old thing that never saw the light of day by some master artist of the '70s or '80s — it's just crazy."

"It seems nuts to me, but that's how it is," he explained. "I think that's because I came from independent comics where nothing stands in your way of creating it. If you will it to be done, it will be done."

Even so, Bendis admitted that he's had a lot of good fortune in the comics world thus far and has been lucky to see so many of his ideas through to fruition.

"Of course, I've been very lucky in my mainstream career where, other than the MMO, I can't think of anything that ... if I wanted it to happen, I couldn't get it done," he said. "I guess that's why I love comics as my home and don't go crazy about the feature film and TV stuff."

"As much as I'm a fan and want it to happen and would love for it to happen for numerous reasons, there's something really great about coming up with an idea, going home to do it, and getting it done. Nothing will stand in the way," said Bendis.

"I think that's why inherently to me, comics are cooler. Like if the 'Powers' pilot never happens, I've still got the book. It's still there... can't touch it, it's bullet-proof."

For more on what exactly happened to the Marvel Universe MMO, head over to MTV's mecca of all things gaming, Multiplayer.

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