'The Losers' Pics, 30 Seconds Of 'Scott Pilgrim' And Kevin Smith's Blocking Wrath In Today's Twitter-Report

The LosersBoth Andy Diggle and Jock have leaked some behind-the-scenes looks at the "Losers" set over the last 24 hours. The comic's logo appears to have been quite pervasive, showing up on sanitation reminders and stunt team shirts during filming in Puerto Rico.

Elsewhere, though a "Goats" movie has not been announced, creator Jon Rosenberg announced his ideal picks to star if an adaptation ever occurs. His fellow webcomicker R. Stevens, meanwhile, quickly claimed a cameo. Check out those tweets after the jump along with Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" hopes and a surefire way to get Kevin Smith to block you.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for December 1, 2009.

"The Losers" pt 1: @andydiggle http://twitpic.com/rpqdv - 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator and all-round badass Garrett Warren. Check out the tee!

-Andy Diggle, Writer ("The Losers," "Hellblazer")

"The Losers" pt 2: @jock4twenty hands please http://tweetphoto.com/5658707

-Jock, Artist ("The Losers," "Green Arrow: Year One")

@JeffLemire I'm doing a story for Marvel Comics!

-Jeff Lemire, Writer/Artist ("Tales From The Farm," "Sweet Tooth")

"Goats" pt 1: @jonrosenberg Today's Goats Dream Casting: Adam Goldberg as Jon and @NathanFillion as Phillip.

-Jon Rosenberg, Writer/Artist ("Goats")

"Goats" pt 2: @rstevens @jonrosenberg dibs on the role of Good Hitler.

-R. Stevens, Writer/Artist ("Diesel Sweeties," "LOLbots")

@radiomaru Might see more than 30 seconds of Scott Pilgrim soon. Cross my fingers, y'all. Cross them for me.

-Bryan Lee O'Malley, Writer/Artist ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Lost at Sea")

@smilinstanlee Didja know the word "Excelsior" is on the great seal of the State of New York?. Any lawyers wanna sue the state for me, pro bono?

-Stan Lee, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "The Fantastic Four")

@ThatKevinSmith Via @Virtual_JoE "Your wife isn't that attractive" That means you won't try to f--- her, then. *phew!* That was a close one. P.S. - BLOCKED!

-Kevin Smith, Writer ("Batman: Cacophony," "Daredevil")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@David_Hahn If you are an unknown writer, you are NOT going to break into MARVEL by pitching a major cross title event story. #makecomics

-David Hahn, Artist ("Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four," "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane")

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