'Silver Surfer' Movie's Not Dead, But Is J. Michael Straczynski Still Involved?

DESCThe reports of the Silver Surfer's death are greatly exaggerated, according to screenwriter and comic book author J. Michael Straczynski.

In a recent interview, the "Ninja Assassin" scribe revealed that he wasn't sure what the status of the "Silver Surfer" movie was following the announced decision to reboot the "Fantastic Four" property. Now, Straczynski is clarifying his comments, beginning with the widespread reports that the "Silver Surfer" movie has been benched.

"When I was asked about the Silver Surfer script, I responded about the one I'd written around the time that ['Fantastic Four 2'] was launched, and was designed to pick up where that one left off," said the writer in an e-mail to IGN.

"When FF2 didn't do as well as hoped for, the script was set aside, but that has NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer script that is NOW under development at Fox with other folks," he added. "As far as I know, that is proceeding apace. So the hysteria that's gripped the nets about 'ohmygod the Surfer movie is dead!' is not correct, as I was again referring to only that one specific script tied into FF2, NOT what's being done now."

While "Surfer Surfer" might still be flying at Fox, it sounds as if Straczynski himself is no longer on board based on the "other folks" portion of his comments. Personally, I'll be pretty bummed if that's the case. Straczynski's science fiction sensibilities and his description of the project as "adult fare" had me pretty psyched for "Silver Surfer."

That's not to say that another writer couldn't tackle the material equally well, though I'm curious to see what the next step in the saga of the troubled "Silver Surfer" adaptation ends up being.

What do you make of Straczynski's comments? Is "Silver Surfer" still trucking along, and is JMS still on board? Let us know your guesses in the comments or on Twitter!