Grant Morrison Biopic Primed For a 2010 Comic-Con Release

Grant MorrisonFrom the cyborg battle pets of "We3" to the Alien-infested "Area 51," prolific comics and sci-fi scribe Grant Morrison has no shortage of cinematic projects in the works. This summer, however, the camera is poised to turn to Morrison himself.

Director Patrick Meaney's been chronicling Morrison's life for some time, most recently recording the longest interview of the writer's career, detailing the his life from childhood to present day.

Wired has two clips from the as-yet untitled documentary, which is reportedly on track for a summer debut at July 2010's San Diego Comic-Con International pending full authorization from Morrison.

As one of comics most renowned modern creators, Morrison's catalog, which includes "The Invisibles," "Seaguy" and last year's DC Comics mega event "Final Crisis" among numerous other renowned series, could very well spur the next wave of Hollywood films according to Meaney.

“Most ‘civilians’ that I talk to about the project still don’t know who Grant Morrison is,” Meaney told Wired, “but [Alan] Moore is definitely a name they recognize, as is Frank Miller. I feel like we could soon be seeing a bunch of Morrison film projects in the not-too-distant future.”

Whether or not Morrison's work finds itself adapted in Hollywood, Meaney maintains that Morrison's body of work is only as interesting as the man behind it. Having lived through an unspecified amount of both literal and figurative sex, drugs, rock and roll and writing, the storyteller has apparently cultivated plenty of his own inspiration.

“I think his story’s fascinating. There’s no one out there as interesting to talk to as Grant Morrison," Meaney said.

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