'Mad Men' And 'Doctor Who' Actors Among 'Unthinkable' Creator's Picks For Adaptation

UnthinkableLast month, it was announced that Mandalay Pictures had picked up the film rights to Mark Sable’s “Unthinkable.” And while the premise of “Unthinkable” — a successful spy novelist recruited for a Post-9/11 government think tank discovers that his disaster scenarios are being used for new terror attacks — is well suited for a feature film, the project owes its origins to a prior deal between Sable and Mandalay regarding the rights to his Image comic, “Hazed.”

“At the [San Diego Comic-Con], I had a meeting with them about ‘Hazed’,” Sable explained to MTV News. “When they asked me what else I was working on, I gave them a copy of ‘Unthinkable.’ We were lucky enough to have a lot of interest from several different production companies. But Mandalay was the most interested and they stepped up to literally put their money where there mouth is. And I’m really excited about it.”

Sable also told MTV News that John Simm — perhaps best known for his leading role in the BBC drama “Life on Mars” and his memorable turn as The Master on “Doctor Who” — would be his top choice to star in “Unthinkable” as the lead character, Alan Ripley.

“In a dream world, I'd love to get John Simm to play Alan Ripley,” related Sable. “He can do the whole insecure writer thing, but when the time is right, show a backbone as he transforms into an unlikely action hero.”

Sable also offered his pick to portray Ripley’s brother, a private military contractor who may play a part in the conspiracy.

“I think Jeremy Renner would be perfect as his brother, Stephen Ripley. ‘Hurt Locker’ was by far the best movie of this past year. There are a bunch of great roles to be found among the members of the Think Tank that's commissioned to come up with worst-case terror scenarios — and I'd love John Slattery (‘Mad Men’) to grab the reigns of one of them. He can outsnark anyone and give the action movie a little dose of dark humor.”

"Unthinkable" (by Sable and artist Julian Totino) was released earlier this year by Boom Studos. While the "Unthinkable" film adaptation is still in an early stage of development, Sable revealed that “Hazed” is currently being sent out to potential screenwriters. Originally published by Image Comics in 2008, “Hazed” is a graphic novel by Sable and artist Robbi Rodriguez that follows three young girls as they contend with college sororities and eating disorders.

“In the last week, I actually got to speak to one of the writers they sent it out to,” said Sable. “It was one the things that made me really happy to work with Mandalay. I can’t say who she was, but it was a really awesome writer. She really got the idea that it’s a dark comedy and wasn’t trying to make it something that it wasn’t.”

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