'Iron Man 2' Poster Arrives With First Look At War Machine! [UPDATED]

Iron Man 2It's been a big day for new images on the 'Net, but the biggest thus far just arrived online. Not only is the first official "Iron Man 2" poster now available online, but the image also gives us the first official look at War Machine!

The new poster debuted exclusively at Yahoo Movies, and features both the familiar (though slightly upgraded) Iron Man armor, as well as the War Machine armor destined to be worn by Don Cheadle's character, James "Rhodey" Rhodes. It also offers the simple tagline "2" instead of the film's full title.

For those who weren't able to attend this year's "Iron Man 2" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, this is the first official look at War Machine — and fans will be happy to note how similar it looks to its comic book counterpart (even down to the shoulder-mounted weaponry).

Iron Man 2

While we haven't seen much of the War Machine armor thus far, we have heard quite a bit about the role it will play in the film. Most recently, Sam Rockwell (who plays rival industrialist Justin Hammer) told us how his character teams up with Rhodes to create the War Machine armor.

While reluctant to share too many details about his time in the War Machine armor, Cheadle's also teased a few important plot points about his character's role in the film. Back in August, he told us that conflict between War Machine and Iron Man would be a central theme in the film, and described the armor's presence in the movie as "significant."

And now we finally get a look at the much-anticipated armor. May 2010 can't come soon enough!

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