Cyber Monday Comics Roundup: Deals From Around The Interwebs

WolverineIf you're anything like me, there are very few deals enticing enough to brave the Black Friday crowds at various retailers. (In fact, the image at right is what comes to mind when I think about what awaits me at stores' Black Friday sales.) Heck, with the amount of Cyber Monday offers flying around the 'Net today, you no longer have to leave your desk to snag a good price on various comics and comics-related swag.

After spending the first half of the day crawling through the Interwebs and getting suggestions from Splash Page readers about their favorite Cyber Monday comics deals, I've compiled a list of some of the most notable deals I've discovered from the comics side of Cyber Monday madness. From best-selling comics and comic book collections to digital comics, movies, games and assorted merch, it's great to be a comics fan this Cyber Monday.

30% Off Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited: is offering a discount on its annual digital comics subscription today if you use the promo code CYBER09. That should bring down the price from $59.98 to somewhere around $40 (just in case you wanted to see the math).

50% Off New York Times Best-Sellers At Barnes & Noble: The bookseller is discounting many of the titles featured on the New York Times Bestseller list, which includes a host of great graphic novels. Criticism of the Times' methodology aside, any reason for cheap comics has my approval.

30% Off Fantagraphics 2009 Titles: Indie comics fans, rejoice! Noted publisher Fantagraphics is getting in on the Cyber Monday scene by discounting more than 75 titles from its 2009 releases for one day only. This includes a bunch of great collections, boxed sets and tons of other releases. some of my favorites: "The Complete Peanuts Boxed Set," various "Love And Rockets" volumes and the always awesome "Tales To Thrizzle." Comic Book & Video Game Deals? I've heard rumors that "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" for all platforms will be available for $30 today on, but haven't seen any confirmation of this on the retailer's website — so let me know if/when you find a valid link. (It's currently listed for $38.) However, there is a link for "Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows" for the Xbox 360 on sale for $15, as well as "Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up" for $30, and that isn't too shabby. Oh, and there's always a lot of good comics on sale via Amazon, so look around while you're there.

50% Off Everything At Top Cow Store: Top Cow informs us that their half-off everything sale continues today, too. In order to get the discount, use the promo code "IWANTMORECOW" at checkout.

30% Off Previously Viewed DVDs At If you use promo code "cybermonday" at checkout today, you can get 30% off select titles from their previously viewed DVD library. "The Dark Knight" and "Wanted" are on the list, so it might be worth a peek.

That's all I have for now, but be sure to chime in via the comment section (or Twitter) if there are more deals that should be listed here. You should also check in with your local comic book shop to find out if they're running any special deals today.

Now, get shopping!