Tobey Maguire Addresses 'Spider-Man 4' Black Cat Rumors

The "Spider-Man 4" rumor mill was in overdrive the last few weeks, with unconfirmed reports flying around the 'Net about which characters would factor into the film and who would play them. Several widely circulated casting rumors focused on potential actresses taking the role of Black Cat, and while we already put it to readers to tell us which rumor was your favorite, we also ran them by another very important person in the "Spider-Man" movie universe: Peter Parker himself, actor Tobey Maguire.

"People tell me about [the rumors], because I'm involved in the project — so yeah, I hear things," Maguire told MTV News during a press event for his upcoming film "Brothers."

"Mostly, it's just kind of interesting," he added. "I don't pay too much mind to it. I'm just glad people are talking about it and excited about it."

So, with Maguire keeping mum about the potential characters and casting for "Spider-Man 4," it looks like director Sam Raimi is sticking by his promise not to reveal anything about the film's new characters until the script is completed. Of course, that meant we had to ask Maguire about the status of the script.

"I've seen... some material," grinned Maguire when we asked if he'd read the film's script yet.

O-kay... there you have it, folks. Keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Spider-Man 4" news as it develops!