Sam Rockwell Compares 'Iron Man 2' To 'Frost/Nixon' And 'The Green Mile'

Sam Rockwell as Justin HammerOur week of exclusive interviews with the actors and filmmakers we're thankful for this year continues on MTV Movies with "Moon" star Sam Rockwell — who also happens to have a big role in next year's much-anticipated "Iron Man 2" as billionaire weapons dealer Justin Hammer.

Last time we spoke with Rockwell, he told us about his character's involvement in the creation of the War Machine armor, as well as his sources of inspiration for the character (hint: they weren't found in the comics). This time around, Rockwell followed up discussion of potential Oscar buzz surrounding his role in the indie sci-fi flick "Moon" with a bit more insight into "Iron Man 2" production.

"On 'Frost/Nixon' or 'Green Mile,' we all felt like, 'This is a big deal!' On 'Iron Man [2],' it did feel like a big deal at first, but we got very comfortable very quickly," Rockwell told MTV News. "Maybe because I knew Jon Favreau and we had done 'Made,' which was a smaller movie, and Justin Theroux was writing it, who's a friend of mine, there was a lot of improvisation. It was a very loose environment."

"So when we went to Comic-Con and saw the trailer, we were really impressed," he added. "We were looking at each other, — me and Scarlett [Johansson] and Don Cheadle — looking at each other like, 'Wow, this looks pretty good! This is a big movie!' It actually felt really comfortable. We were actually pretty relaxed."

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