Dylan Baker Becoming The Lizard Voted Fans' Favorite 'Spider-Man 4' Rumor

The LizardWhen I asked you to vote on your favorite "Spider-Man 4" rumors last week, I half-expected the list to become outdated in a matter of days at the rate new rumors were popping up. However, things have been pretty quiet the last few days, and now we can definitively say which "Spider-Man 4" rumor has fans most excited.

With more than 30 percent of the total votes, the rumor that Dylan Baker will become The Lizard in "Spider-Man 4" garnered the most support from readers, but it was closely followed by another popular rumor — that Bruce Campbell's many cameos in prior installments would lead to him playing Mysterio in the upcoming film. After those two, however, readers didn't seem to like any of the rumors floating around about Peter Parker's next big-screen adventure.

Here's how the poll's results broke down:

Dylan Baker will become The Lizard: 33%

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio: 27%

Rachel McAdams as Black Cat: 17%

Eliza Dushku as Black Cat: 12%

Morbius will be the villain: 4%

Julia Stiles as Black Cat: 2%

Other answer: 5%

While we were a day late on including the Anne Hathaway rumor, the write-in category had it accounted for, with the majority of "Other" votes going to Hathaway's potential part in the film. Quite a few votes also went toward a potential debut for Carnage, the psychotic symbiote who makes Venom look like a Sunday School teacher. Surprisingly there weren't any votes for my favorite rumor: that Hypno Hustler would terrorize the webslinger in "Spider-Man 4."

Here's what some readers had to say about their votes:

adamant877: I think I mirror the sentiment of a lot of fans when I say, "Isn't it about time that Dylan got his due?!" I mean, we've been slathering at the mouth since his appearance in SM1, what with that dangly, sans-arm, swinging about on that lab coat of his! To taunt and tease us through three more films, and not deliver would just be cruel! Not only to us, but for that loveable man who played such a delightful villian in "Trick R' Treat", and has been so patient with that emo brat, Peter! He needs a chance to to spread his... ahem, scales. ;-)

john@themovies: I voted for Eliza Dushku as the Black Cat. It's about time we see Spidey dangling with a female villain/vigilante. It certainly would heat up the movie, and Eliza would be great for the part. I loved her part in Buffy and Angel. She's doing fine in Dollhouse too, so give her a big role in a blockbuster!! "And the Oscar for best female supporting cast goes too...." Also it doesn't have to a blonde. Hale Berry was fantastic as Storm and wore a wig.

Mic Thompson: I think the villain, The Spot should be a minor character. If not in this movie, then in one of the upcoming ones. Gives a new concept of fight scenes and it would be cool to see on the big screen!

RamoneC: I like both Dushku and McAdams for Black Cat, but my preference is for McAdams. I think she's got a little more spark.

And there you have it, folks. Now, the question becomes: Will either of these popular rumors make the cut when "Spider-Man 4" begins production? Tobey Maguire says he likes The Lizard, so we could be in good shape for that one.

I guess we'll have to wait for March 2010 to know for sure!