'Star Trek' And Other Reasons We're Thankful For Chris Pine And J.J. Abrams

Star TrekWith Thanksgiving Day around the corner, we're giving thanks for some of our favorite actors and filmmakers around MTV HQ all week. Yesterday, we brought you an exclusive interview with "Star Trek" director J.J. Abrams and star Chris Pine, who reinvented the science-fiction megafranchise with this year's blockbuster movie.

Here's what Abrams had to say about taking on the daunting task of bringing the "Trek" franchise to a new generation:

MTV: So I am a born and bred Trekkie. I want to thank you on behalf of every "Trek" fan. You made "Star Trek" for the first time cooler than "Star Wars." Would you agree with that?

ABRAMS: You're asking a dangerous question, my friend. I don't know how you respond to that without sounding like a douche bag. Why don't you just put a bull's-eye on my head? You know, making a film knowing there were so many fans out there was nerve-racking. I was behind the camera. Chris, Zach [Quinto], Zoe [Saldana], John [Cho], Simon [Pegg], Karl [Urban] — everyone in front of the camera — they were the ones literally putting themselves out there and asking for it. The fact that we were accepted and helped by [original Spock] Mr. [Leonard] Nimoy building that bridge between what was and what is now, it was incredibly gratifying to see it was well-received.

For the rest of our "Star Trek" interview with J.J. Abrams And Chris Pine, head over to Movies.MTV.com.