Tobey Maguire Likes The Lizard For Lead Villain In 'Spider-Man 4'

Tobey Maguire may not know the histories of all the villain picks in Splash Page's recent "Spider-Man 4" poll, but he does know what director Sam Raimi likes. The Lizard came in first during our fan voting, with Carnage taking second and Mysterio landing in third place. Maguire reacted to all three choices, but clearly has an opinion on which picks are most likely.

"I'm more familiar with Lizard and Mysterio, and I don't know -- I like them as villains," Maguire told MTV News. "I think they're great, and Lizard obviously has a very personal relationship with Peter Parker, so we often will go towards that kind of stuff."

Carnage, meanwhile, falls a little off of his radar, but that doesn't mean he hasn't thought about Peter Parker facing off against the symbiotic spawn.

"I'm not that familiar with Carnage," the actor explained. "I'm aware of Carnage, but I know Sam was sort of a fan of the early Spider-Man comics, and Carnage comes much later."

That answer jives with Raimi's character choices thus far for the franchise, but until the new sequel's cast goes public, anyone from Spider-Man's rogues gallery could be fair game. Venom, for instance, came long well after the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko years on "The Amazing Spider-Man" had passed. Nevertheless, if Raimi prefers characters from Spidey's early history, the Lizard could be a safe bet.

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