Sam Worthington To Produce And Star In 'Last Days of American Crime'

Sam Worthington“Avatar” star Sam Worthington has signed on to produce and star in the adaptation of Rick Remender's “The Last Days of American Crime."

Worthington will produce the film with his business partner, Michael Schwarz. Radical Publishing’s President Barry Levine and Executive Vice President Jesse Berger are also onboard as executive producers with Remender.

Confirming last week’s report, Worthington will portray Kevin Cash, a dangerous sociopath who is recruited to take part in what may be the last crime in American history.

"Sam is the perfect guy for this,” related Remender. “He's a scene stealer, made up in equal parts charm and intelligence. Seeing him play violent sociopath safe cracker Kevin Cash will be a treat all the world will enjoy."

Last February, Remender told MTV News that he was tapped to write the screenplay adaptation of his forthcoming three issue miniseries with artist Greg Tocchini. “Last Days” takes place a few years into the future where the government is about to unveil the "American Freedom Initiative" — a new form of mind control — that will eliminate crime completely.

"To distract everyone from their 'American Freedom Initiative' signal, [the government] has been transitioning from paper money to cards, where all financial transactions take place on plastic," said Remender. "Graham Brick is a down-on-his-luck loser who has been working as a security guard at one of the facilities where they charge the cards with money, and he plans to steal one of these machines. A hacker would set it to an infinite loop and they'd go off to the Bahamas and be able to charge endless amounts of money."

In order to pull off the heist before the signal goes live, Brick is forced to recruit Cash and his equally disturbed girlfriend, Shelby Dupree. The producers have yet to announce who will fill the roles of Brick and Dupree.

The first issue of "The Last Days of American Crime" will be published in December by Radical.

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