SECRET IDENTITY: Five Comic Book Characters Rachel McAdams Could Play Instead Of Black Cat

Rachel McAdamsThe cat is out of the bag for Rachel McAdams, who recently debunked rumors that she'd appear in "Spider-Man 4."

However, that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from speculating on other actresses who could play Black Cat, but it has seemingly dashed McAdams' comic book movie prospects.

And just because McAdams isn't suiting up as Felicia Hardy doesn't mean she wouldn't work wonderfully in certain comic book adaptations. From superheroes, newspersons and gun-toting badasses, here are five characters from the comic book world that could be perfect casting for McAdams.

Lois LaneLOIS LANE: Would-be "Superman" director James McTeigue says that the property isn't flying anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that DC Entertainment isn't carefully considering where to take the Man of Steel.

Given that the franchise is undergoing a reboot, the lead roles are presumably wide open. If that's the case, why not cast McAdams as Lois Lane? She certainly has the right firm and feisty attitude for the role and could hold her own against whoever plays Superman. It doesn't hurt that she looks the part, too.

April O'NeilAPRIL O'NEIL: Still, there's another reporter that McAdams is even better suited for — none other than April O'Neil of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fame.

With a new live-action "Turtles" film on the way, a new April needs to be chosen and I think McAdams would be fantastic. She's funny, she's sweet and she's more than capable of standing up against an array of bumbling Foot Clan soldiers. Combine that with O'Neil's signature yellow jumpsuit, and I think we've found ourselves a winner.

Sue StormSUSAN STORM: When I cast the "Fantastic Four" reboot several weeks ago, I aimed for an older line-up of actors than we saw in the first two films. But if Fox wants to keep a younger cast, I think McAdams would be a great choice for Susan Storm, perhaps better known as the Invisible Woman.

Sue is a character that needs an intelligent, warm presence behind the role — McAdams brings both of those qualities and more, including an occasional no-nonsense tone that would play well against the other three members of Marvel's first family.

TulipTULIP: I'm not ready to discuss John Cusack's purported campaign for the lead role in "Preacher" — it's wrong on so many levels and maybe I'll tackle it some day — but the reality is, there's a movie shaping up. With casting hopefully starting before too much longer, I'd like to toss McAdams' name in the ring for Tulip, Jesse Custer's eagle-eyed girlfriend.

This is a role where McAdams' demonstrated strengths can really shine in one mean, aggressive and occasionally loving package. If nothing else, it's a complicated role in need of a talented actress, but I feel that McAdams could absolutely pull it off.

The WaspTHE WASP: Early rumors projected Eva Longoria for the role of the Wasp in Marvel's upcoming "The Avengers," but the actress eventually denied the casting. With Longoria out, I'd happily see McAdams assume the role of Janet van Dyne in Marvel's major team-up flick. Janet shares a lot of Sue's qualities, except that her marriage with Hank Pym is unequivocally more tumultuous than Sue's relationship with Reed.

If Marvel sticks true to the characters in "The Avengers" — assuming they even make it into the film — then the Wasp will need to be played by a courageous actress. In my mind, McAdams has that quality in spades.

Are there other comic book characters you think McAdams would be well-suited for? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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