Which 'Spider-Man 4' Rumor Do You Wish Were True?

Spider-ManA while back, the third "Batman" movie seemed to be the subject of new casting rumors every day — from Michael Caine's assertion that Johnny Depp would play The Riddler to a British tabloid's "scoop" that Shia LaBeouf would play Robin. Nowadays, though, "Spider-Man 4" has been receiving the lion's share of casting rumors, including quite a few that have popped up, circulated widely and subsequently been debunked within the last week.

Last week, many blogs echoed an anonymous rumor that Rachel McAdams would play Black Cat, only to have the actress dismiss the casting report this week. The dust had barely settled, whoever, when another Black Cat rumor hit the 'Net — this time, featuring Julia Stiles.

So, now we find ourselves wondering which one of these rumors you'd like to see become official. Is it one of the Black Cat rumors or something else entirely? What about Dylan Baker's potential return as The Lizard or Bruce Campbell's "meaty" cameo?

We've compiled some of the more prominent "Spider-Man 4" rumors making the rounds these days, and the rest is up to you.

Voting in this poll will end Monday, November 23, at 12 PM EST. Only one vote per day will be counted toward the final results. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did, as I’ll be selecting responses from readers to feature in a post about the results.