Tim Burton's Unfilmed 'Superman Lives' Movie Art Revealed In MoMA Exhibit

Yesterday, we told you about our visit to the new Tim Burton exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art, but just in case you haven't checked out our full photo gallery yet, you might want to do so — and this means you, comics fans. Among the many pieces of awesome art from films like "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" and "Mars Attacks!" there are also a few pieces from Burton's "Batman" films and — here's the kicker — some art from Burton's never-made "Superman Lives" movie (famously set to star Nicolas Cage).

Check out this (slightly cropped) image of Brainiac from an unfilmed "Superman Lives" scene:

Superman Lives

Pretty great, right? Check out the full-size Brainiac image, as well as another piece of "Superman Lives" art in our Tim Burton MoMA photo gallery.

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