Original 'Punisher' Actor Dolph Lundgren Says He Hasn't Seen Recent Films

PunisherNo matter how many times Marvel's Punisher films start over from scratch, Dolph Lundgren will always be the first-live action Frank Castle.

The iconic action star wrote, directed and headlined in his latest direct-to-DVD film "Command Performance" and returns to the big screen in 2010 for Sylvester Stallone's "The Expendables." As far as upcoming comic book films go, however, "Conan" is the only one that has his attention right now, and he said he hasn't been keeping up with the skull-shirted vigilante he first portrayed in 1989.

"No, I haven't seen any of [the new 'Punisher' movies]," Lundgren told MTV News. The Swedish-born actor has kept a tight schedule since he began directing his own movies like "The Mechanik" and "Diamond Dogs," so it's understandable that he might not be able to find the time.

While he's glad that he made his "Punisher" before the current comics trend hit Hollywood, he does believe it would have been easier to establish an ongoing film franchise in today's market.

"I think if it had been made today, it would have been much easier to do a sequel," Lundgren said.

Neither Thomas Jane's 2004 "The Punisher" or Ray Stevenson's 2008 "Punisher: War Zone" has been able to jumpstart a trilogy, though — but he may be right. In fact, he's getting to be old enough now that if Marvel Studios ever decided to film "Punisher: The End," he could slip into the part quite easily.

How do you think Dolph Lundgren's Punisher stacked up against Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson? Who do you think should play Frank Castle if Marvel ever tries the character on film again? Let us know your thoughts on how to do it in the comments section or on Twitter!