Rachel McAdams Debunks 'Spider-Man 4' Black Cat Rumor

Rachel McAdamsThe rumor of "Spider-Man 4" sporting Black Cat as the film's nemesis might have nine lives, but it looks like luck has ran out for supporters of Rachel McAdams, the alleged frontrunner for the role.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McAdams flat-out denied last week's wide-spread "Spider-Man 4" rumors that she was not only a contender for the role of Felicia Hardy in the "Spider-Man" sequel, but that she was nearly a lock for the part. According to McAdams herself, those reports are entirely unfounded.

"That's a total rumor, I have to say," said McAdams. "I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, 'I just heard you're doing Spider-Man 4.' And I said, 'Really? No one told me! It's not true."

If McAdams is playing coy, then she's in good company as a Sony Pictures representative concurred with the actress's report by saying: "It's an Internet rumor, as so many things are these days."

Given that the Black Cat rumors started with McAdams at the center, it's entirely likely that the character won't have a role to play in "Spider-Man 4." That's hardly a surprise to the Splash Page gang, as editor Rick Marshall already told us all who the real "Spider-Man" villain would be last week!

Still, the "departure" of McAdams — from the rumor pool, at least — is a bit of a bummer, because I do think she would've made for a fine Felicia Hardy. But if the character still has a part to play in Peter Parker's big-screen life, there are plenty of other cats in the sea... or something like that.

Are you disappointed that McAdams won't be in "Spider-Man 4," or is this good news? What does it mean for the Black Cat rumor? Let us know your take in the comments or on Twitter!