'Alien Legion' Movie Advances With Disney And Jerry Bruckheimer

Alien LegionThe classic military sci-fi comic “Alien Legion” is moving forward as a film adaptation over at Disney with producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"Alien Legion has been optioned for some time," confirmed “Alien Legion” co-creator Carl Potts in an interview with USA Today. "The script is currently in its third rewrite."

"Bruckheimer's never done a science-fiction [movie] before,” Potts continued. “So that challenge, I think, is something that would hold his interest. The success they've had with blending CGI and live-action characters in ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ series could translate easily to an ‘Alien Legion’ film."

In a recent interview over at HeyUguys, Derek Haas (“Wanted”) revealed that he and his writing partner Michael Brandt (“3:10 to Yuma”) are rewriting the current draft of “Alien Legion” for Bruckheimer and Disney.

Created in 1984 by Potts, Alan Zelenetz and Frank Cirocco, “Alien Legion” was published through Marvel’s Epic imprint and followed the members of an intergalactic military unit called Force Nomad — which was similar to the French Foreign Legion. “Alien Legion” was the longest running Epic comic series and featured numerous comic creators including Chuck Dixon, Larry Stroman, Terry Austin, Whilce Portacio, Chris Warner and Scott Hanna.

On the comics front, “Alien Legion” is also poised for a come back. Warner is currently overseeing an “Alien Legion” omnibus series for Dark Horse Comics. The first volume will be released this week. Additionally, Dixon, Stroman and Potts will also return to “Alien Legion” with a new four issue miniseries from Dark Horse that is scheduled to come out in 2010.

“Alien Legion” was previously developed as a potential CGI animated series in 2003 by Mainframe Entertainment — the company behind “ReBoot” and “Transformers: Beast Wars” — before the project fell apart when Mainframe was sold to another studio.

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