James McTeigue Says 'Superman' Movie Is In 'A Weird Place'

In August, James McTeigue told MTV News he would neither confirm nor deny rumors that he might direct the next "Superman" movie. What he was keen to do was delve into his vision for the next big-screen take on the Man of Steel: he wanted to start the franchise from scratch, avoid an origin story and make the whole thing super dark.

McTeigue had so much to say, it was hard to avoid the idea that he'd had some sort of contact with DC Comics or Warner Brothers about the project. Then last month, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson told us the company doesn't "have any current plans for Superman." And when we spoke to McTeigue last Friday, it seemed he, too, no longer had concrete plans for the franchise.

"It's in a weird place at the moment," he told MTV News. "They're trying to work out what they're doing. Warner Brothers is trying to figure out their next move on it. There's some things you can do with the 'Superman' franchise, there's other things you can't do. So it hasn't gone anywhere."

For now McTeigue is promoting his upcoming blood-soaked action movie, "Ninja Assassin" and plowing forward with work on "The Raven," his fictionalized take on the last days of Edgar Allen Poe. Still, McTeigue maintains a deep affection for Superman and whenever the franchise moves back into active development, he would be excited to take part.

"I think it's ripe for a retooling,' he said. "I would love to — if it happened, I would at least start a conversation about it."

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