EXCLUSIVE: Wes Anderson Reveals Possible 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Spin-Off Comic Book

Wes Anderson's stop-motion animated 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is so rich with detail — every frame bursting with color and movement and utter coolness — it's almost hard to know where to look. During one scene, though, something jumped out to me: a fox reading a comic book.

The moment occurs about 2/3 through the movie, when Mr. Fox and his family are on the run from three murderous farmers. Fox's 12-year-old son, Ash (voiced by Jason Schwartzman), kicks back and opens a comic book called "White Cape." The audience gets a peek at the cover, but we never see a single page. The title does go a long way toward explaining why the young fox wears a makeshift white cape everywhere he goes — you could say White Cape is the bushy-tailed equivalent of Superman.

It turns out that while viewers never get more than a passing glance at the comic, Anderson and his team went to great lengths to design the book — so much so that they might turn the concept into an actual series.

"I had an idea for this costume for this character and it included him wearing this cape," the director told MTV News. "He's trying to somehow be heroic, to insist that he's a hero. Then I wanted to give him something to read — what's he reading? With a movie like this, you can't just find a book, you've got to make it because it's going to be [tiny]. So usually we would take time and say, 'What can we think of to go here?' There's a lot of opportunity to invent something. And we said, 'Let's say that's where he got the cape.' "

So he and head storyboard artist Christian De Vita put their heads together and came up with their brand-new superhero.

"[Christian] was very good at these kind of drawings and he became the artist that does 'White Cape.' We sort of made this comic book series," said Anderson. "He has posters and we have some pages. We didn't ever figure out any full stories, but in fact he wants to do some 'White Cape' comics now. So maybe we will be developing that property."

Anderson didn't have an idea of when — or in exactly what form — we might see a 'White Cape' comic, but just to know that a voice as original as Anderson's might be heard within the pages of a comic is intriguing stuff.

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