EXCLUSIVE: Jason Schwartzman Reacts To First 20 Minutes Of 'Scott Pilgrim'

While Jason Schwartzman's once-secret role as Gideon Graves in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" has been confirmed for quite a while now, that's pretty much the only secret that's been revealed when it comes to Edgar Wright's live-action adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic book series. Little is known about the look and tone of the film, but what fans have been able to glean from Wright and his cast has been promising.

Take, for example, our recent chat with Schwartzman during the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" junket. Not only has he seen the first 20 minutes of "Scott Pilgrim," but he shared some thoughts with MTV News about how the footage looked.

"I saw the first 20 minutes of it and I'm very proud to be a part of it," said Schwartzman. "It's unlike anything I've seen in my entire life."

"It's really funny, it's really emotional, there's a lot of romance—but the action sequences, I've never seen scenes quite like these," he said. "They're really beautiful."

Schwartzman added that the appeal of the project was as much the story as it was the man behind the camera.

"Edgar Wright [is] a director I've always wanted to work with and the fact that I got to work with him on this particular movie—it totally is a dream come true," he said. "I say that with not an ounce of insincerity in my voice. I couldn't believe it when I would look around the set that I was a part of that movie, and to work with the amazing Michael Cera—he's the fantastic Mr. Cera."

Now that he's seen 20 minutes more of "Scott Pilgrim" than the rest of us, we had to ask: were there any surprises?

"Not to spoil a lot, but I'm not really a part of the first 20 minutes," he laughed. "I hadn't seen any of that stuff they shot. The whole thing was a surprise. You read the script and you imagine it, but then to see it..."

"I was so excited," he added. "I hope—and I'm pretty confident—that that's the way people will feel when they see the movie, because I'm a fan of the comics and a fan of Edgar and Michael, and watching the first 20 minutes it was like, 'Oh! There's that, and that, and that, and I've always wondered what that would [look like]...'"

"It really was all coming true before me and it was so exciting," he continued. "I love a lot of the movie too, because a lot of the effects are done in-camera and that's something you don't see very much."

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