'The Prisoner' Gets An Online Comic

The PrisonerWith AMC's much-anticipated remake of "The Prisoner" premiering this weekend, the network has launched an online comic that promises to explore the secrets of the mysterious Village from the perspective of a new character.

While the looming debut of the miniseries has us all pretty intrigued around Splash Page HQ (we're big fans of the original 1960s series it's based on, and even bigger fans of the new series' stars, Sir Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel), comic fans should take note of the online comic for more reasons than just its existence. The visuals for the online comic were provided by fan-favorite comic book artist Mitchell Breitweiser ("Captain America").

"The Prisoner" miniseries hits AMC November 15, but the first chapter of the online comic is live now. According to AMC, the plan is for the comic to span 10 chapters, with the next one arriving online after the finale of the TV miniseries on November 17.

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