SECRET IDENTITY: Five Actresses Who Could Play Black Cat In 'Spider-Man 4'

Black CatBased on the latest superhero movie rumors making the rounds, it looks like I caught the wrong cat last week. Speculation is running rampant that Peter Parker will go web-to-claw against Black Cat in "Spider-Man 4," with "Wedding Crashers" leading lady Rachel McAdams a supposed frontrunner for the role.

Black Cat's involvement in the superhero sequel is still not official—indeed, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall had his own anonymously-sourced scoop on who the "Spider-Man 4" villain could be—but given the tenacity of these rumors, I feel compelled to weigh in just in case Felicia Hardy winds up terrorizing Pete's next big screen adventure.

These are my contenders for the role—hit the comments section and leave some of your own suggestions!

Elisha CuthbertELISHA CUTHBERT: Despite her typical damsel-in-distress role as Jack Bauer's daughter on "24," Elisha Cuthbert has actually shown a lot of promise in the few action scenes she's filmed — when she's not staring down the ridiculous maw of a mountain lion, that is. Beyond that, she's got great emotional range as an actress. Wrap that up with the fact that she even looks like Hardy, and I think Cuthbert could be a serious contender for the role of Black Cat.

Kristen BellKRISTEN BELL: Kristen Bell has rightfully earned some good will in geekdom, but if you discount "Astro Boy" and "Heroes," she has yet to firmly latch onto a comic book or superhero role of her own. While some fans want Bell in Gotham City, I think the actress would work even better in New York City alongside Spider-Man. Like Cuthbert, Bell has the physical look of Black Cat, but she's also got the right mix of sweetness, sarcasm and animosity needed from the character.

Maggie GraceMAGGIE GRACE: Don't let Maggie Grace's role as the late spoiled brat Shannon Rutherford on "Lost" blind you to her potential as Black Cat in "Spider-Man 4." Her final few episodes of "Lost" showed plenty of promise for the young actress, and her big screen activity has gone way up since leaving the series. A super-villain turn could be the next best step for the budding actress — but taking her career aside, I think that Grace would genuinely make for a killer Felicia Hardy.

Mila KunisMILA KUNIS: With her hair dyed blonde — it would have to be dyed white eventually, anyway — Mila Kunis would be a dead-ringer for Felicia Hardy, and her notoriously harsh attitude makes her the most believable antagonist of any other actress on this list. Plus, considering her role in Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan," it's clear that Kunis is a long way from her ditzy "That 70's Show" role — but while we're on the subject, maybe it's a good luck charm that the last "Spider-Man" villain was Topher Grace, also an alumnus of that Fox sitcom.

Rachel McAdamsRACHEL MCADAMS: Considering that much of this Black Cat speculation has "The Notebook" actress Rachel McAdams at the center, it's worth considering her merits, isn't it? Luckily for the rumor mill, McAdams is a great pick. She's virtually unrecognizable between her nasty turn in "Mean Girls" and her sweet-faced role in "Wedding Crashers" — not to mention her action-heavy performance in Wes Craven's "Red Eye" — meaning that McAdams can flip all of the switches needed to successfully play Felicia Hardy. If she does land the role as some have already suggested, I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to root against the casting choice.

Who do you think could play Black Cat? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!