EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Spacey Hints At Upcoming Comics Project With Trigger Street And Devil's Due

Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey announced in 2008 that he and his Trigger Street Productions partner Dana Brunetti were going to start looking at comics. The company, which has helped bring films like "Fanboys" and next year's Facebook-based "The Social Network" to life, opened up a section of TriggerStreet.com to aspiring comics creators looking for feedback—but hasn't yet announced plans to produce anything of their own.

Spacey and Brunetti predicted things to come in 2010, though, and commented on their relationship with Devil's Due Publishing.

"You can say that there are things that are brewing." Spacey told MTV News.

The "Superman Returns" star didn't go into deal about what those things might be, but his partner did indicate plans might be moving forward in the coming year.

"We have comics that we are developing for production." Brunetti said.

He also reaffirmed their collaboration with Devil's Due and said that one project was already in the works between the two companies.

"We still kind of have a partnership with [Devil's Due]. Nothing has really has come of that yet," Brunetti explained. "We are working on one project with them but that’s one that we can't announce. Most people will probably be able to figure it out."

Have you used TriggerStreet.com's comic boards for feedback? What do you think Brunetti meant when he said people will "be able to figure it out" when their new project is announced? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!