New 'Kick-Ass' Poster Hits The 'Net

Kick-AssEarlier today the first "Kick-Ass" teaser trailer hit the 'Net, and now we have another poster from Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of John Romita Jr. and Mark Millar's comic book series.

While the last batch of "Kick-Ass" posters offered a rear view of the film's costumed vigilantes peering over the city in heroic fashion, the new poster that debuted today on MySpace offers a decidedly different take on the Kick-Ass—the costumed alter ego of high school geek Dave Lizewski.

The poster sports the tag line: "I Can't Fly. But I Can Kick Your Ass." and features a bruised and battered Lizewski (as played by Aaron Johnson) staring out from an over-filled dumpster.


Head over to MySpace for a larger version of the image.

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