Veteran's Day, 'V' On ABC And An X-Men Bar Bet In Today's Twitter Report

VEven though Veteran's Day doesn't give your kid a day off from school (Neil Gaiman checked), the Twitter Report joins all of the creators in our feed today acknowledging the risks taken and sacrifices made by service men and women alike.

Not all of the V's in today's posts belonged to Veteran's Day, though. Now in its second week, "V" watchers are starting to decide how much they like (or dislike) ABC's remake of the '80s TV series. Brian Reed and Paul Southworth were among those sticking with it.

Meanwhile, Jill Thompson was soliciting Twitter advice last night for an "X-Men" bet, Jamal Igle made his pick for best superhero movie of all time, and Todd McFarlane offered more advice to aspiring creators.

I'm @brianwarmoth and this your Twitter Report for November 11, 2009.

@thejillthompson @axelalonsomarv @JoeQuesada help me win a bet! When did Jean Grey become Pnoenix? og in the70s about ish 94-99? Dude @ a bar is betting me

-Jill Thompson, Writer/Artist ("Scary Godmother," "Sandman")

@eliopoulos A very large thank you to all our veterans today and every day for their courage and sacrifice that keeps the rest of us safe.

-Chris Eliopoulos, Artist/Writer/Letterer ("Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," "Misery Loves Sherman")

@neilhimself Enough concerned tweets that I checked school calendar, and no, Veteran's Day isn't a day off here. Nor President's Day. Thanksgiving is.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("The Sandman," "Miracleman")

@BrianReed Re: V -- the sooner we kill the kid's irritating friend, the better. Same goes for the old priest.

-Brian Reed, Writer ("Ms. Marvel," "Secret Invasion: Front Line")

@Southworth "V", I don't think you are very good. You are not a very good show, but I will keep watching you anyway.

-Paul Southworth, Writer/Artist ("Ugly Hill")

@JAMALIGLE "Superman" is the greatest superhero movie ever done. It got things right the first time and has never been surpassed! #facts

-Jamal Igle, Artist ("Firestorm," "Supergirl")

@jock4twenty v.proud of what LOSERS screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt achieved with the film.then he had to go and slum it with me and @andydiggle afterwards

-Jock, Artist ("The Losers," "Green Arrow: Year One")

@cliffchiang King Con sketches! Had a blast drawing Sadie from Young Liars by @davidalapham:

-Cliff Chiang, Artist ("Greendale," ""Green Arrow & Black Canary")

@smilinstanlee Remember the old saying "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride"? That's me-- "Always a cameo-- never the star!" Where did I go wrong!

-Stan Lee, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "Ravage 2099")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@Todd_McFarlane ART LESSON: To all, I hated hearing those words too.."keep drawing". But the person that draws every day get be better than one who doesn't.

-Todd McFarlane, Writer/Artist ("Spawn," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

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