'Mad Men' Meets 'X-Men' In Mash-Up Comic

Mad Men meets X-MenConfession: I haven't been watching AMC's award-winning television series "Mad Men"—despite the insistence of Kevin Smith. While I admit that this needs to be rectified, I have watched the "X-Men" movies, so I can appreciate at least half the brilliance of the mash-up of "Mad Men" and "X-Men" over on MadAtoms.

Created by writer Geoffrey Golden and artist Jordan Monsell, the mash-up imagines the "Mad Men" cast as played by Marvel's favorite mutants. In one example, Wolverine is matched up with Don Draper (as played by Jon Hamm in the series): "Mysterious pasts, been with a lot of girls and will take off whenever they feel like it. They're also the best at what they do. You got a problem with that, bub?"

Mad Men v X-Men

Along with the first four-part mash-up, the duo posted a follow-up featuring "Mad Men" roles for Kitty Pryde, Angel. Rogue and Beast.

While I can't speak to the "Mad Men" side of things, I hear the series is brilliant—making these mash-ups all the more clever.

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