PREVIEW: 'Transformers: Continuum' Sets the Record Straight On Autobot And Decepticon History

Transformers: ContinuumA new chapter begins in the Transformers universe this month as IDW Publishing launches a regular, ongoing "Transformers" comic book series featuring Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the robots in disguise.

However, before the new series can kick off, there's a lot of "Transformers" history to make sense of and fit into the property's comic book history. That's why IDW is releasing "Transformers: Continuum" this week, featuring a 32-page, ad-free take on the key players in the next stage of Transformers lore, covering everything from "Infiltration" to the recent "All Hail Megatron" series.

IDW has offered Splash Page readers an exclusive preview at "Transformers: Continuum," featuring a story by Andy Schmidt and art by Ken Christensen.

Click on the cover image below for a "Transformers: Continuum" preview, which hits shelves November 11.

Transformers: Continuum