'Batman 3' Villain Should Be The Riddler: The Votes Are In!

The RiddlerIn last week's poll, we asked you which Batman villain you want to see in the next installment of Warner Brothers' record-breaking movie franchise.

We already know which "Batman 3" rumors you wish were true, and we've outlined our casting choices for a new Catwoman, but what about the foe (or foes) The Dark Knight will tangle with in the next film? According to readers, the question is the answer—and The Riddler is the villain everyone wants to see in the third "Batman" movie.

With 37 percent of the total votes, Edward Nigma ran away with the poll—and was followed far, far behind by Catwoman and skull-faced, modern-era villain Black Mask.

Here's how the results panned out for Batman's rogues gallery:

Riddler: 37%

Catwoman: 11%

Black Mask: 10%

The Joker (with someone new playing the role): 8%

Bane: 6%

Two-Face: 5%

Penguin: 5%

Clayface: 3%

Poison Ivy: 2%

Scarecrow: 2%

Mr. Freeze: 2%

Ra's Al Ghul: 1%

Other answer: 9%

Among the characters receiving a healthy nod in the write-in category were Hush and Dr. Hugo Strange (each received a large number of write-in votes), as well as Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and The Mad Hatter. (Maybe Johnny Depp can play the role in two films?)

Here's what readers had to say about their votes:

Manuel: As tragic as it might be, Heath Ledger's passing shouldn't stop Nolan from creating a new masterpiece. I've seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt sugested as a new Joker, and I would say he can pull it off. If replacing Ledger worked for Terry Gilliam on the same movie (Parnasus), why wouldn't it work for Nolan? I think the audience is willing to accept a new actor portraying the Joker, as long as it remains true to the spirit created by Heath. Just my two cents.

Sunny: I voted Catwoman.But in addition to Catwoman,I think Black Mask would work well.So my choices are actually Catwoman AND Black Mask.Use a well known mainstream Batman villan with a lesser known but great Batman baddie from the comics who has never been in a Batman film.Something Batman Begins did very well with Ra's and Scarecrow.Plus Catwoman can walk the line between being good and bad like in the comics while Black Mask gives you a pure evil villain to go along for the film..

@dcumoviepage: My opinion about TDK sequels villains? Black Mask,FireFly and the return of Two Face...

deathsquad: i like the idea of black mask, but i also like someone that is just pure muscle almost. if they don't like the idea of characters like hush or deadshot, then i think there is a way that they could do a really cool killer croc. specifically his older incarnations or the azzarello portrayal.

BostonCream: I think Batman will be the villain in part 3. The way he ended off part 2 with the cops chasing him for the murder of Harvey Dent and someone else would be involved to play the role of the good guy but villain behind closed doors. But also would like to see the Riddler cause they can make him a villain in which the audience has grown to love more than the hero like they did the Joker. They can give him a dark side with humor but leave out that corniness in which the old installments of Batman had with Mr Freeze and so on.I never heard of Black Mask but he looks like someone which could fit the new plot and feel. And if they can throw in some clips in which they left out of part 2 with Heath Ledger; that would be sick as well.

@BongzBerry: Killer Croc !!! Let's Have Batman 3 A la Se7en ! Let's Batman Deal With Serial Killer Croc. Make It Really Really Dark !

adamant877: Riddler. Make him a deranged "Zodiac" style killer, who's compelled to leave clues behind after his slayings, all of which are motivated by "striking out against the intellectual decline of society". You've seen Bats fight the underworld, secret societies, and politicians... Now let him fight a deranged killer. (Not to be confused with that sociopathic anarchist the Joker, he was always just in it for a laugh. TOTALLY different motivation!)

@Elsa117: the riddler or crime doctor or scarecrow please!

Johnatan: I say NO to the return of Scarecrow, Two Face and/or the Joker! I voted the Riddler because he could be a perfect cyber-terrorist, possibly a Wayne-like bilionaire whose criminal identity is unknown to Batman at first. Second, the Penguin (NOT similar to Burton's one, please!) could be the new crime boss in Gotham (remember that Two Face presumibly killed Sal Maroni) and the Riddler's ally for taking over the town. Black Mask is the only possible alternative to the Penguin as crime boss.

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