'The Losers' Star Idris Elba Looking At '100 Bullets' Next?

Idris ElbaIt sounds like Idris Elba is already looking beyond the "The Losers" for his next potential project—but he isn't straying far from DC's Vertigo imprint.

In speaking with Slash Film, the actor—who plays betrayed black ops agent Roque in the aforementioned Vertigo adaptation—is looking to load up his schedule with "100 Bullets," based off of the recently concluded comic book series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

"There's a thing that Vertigo [does] called 100 Bullets. I like that," said Elba. "I think it could be an interesting little thing. I've just started reading it and it could be quite interesting."

Whether Elba's interest is wishful thinking or based on an actual possibility of starring in a "100 Bullets" adaptation is unclear, but writer Azzarello recently told MTV News that a television version of the series is a definite possibility.

For the uninitiated, "100 Bullets" tells a rich, multi-layered story that surrounds a basic premise: what would you do if you could enact bloody vengeance upon your enemies without fear of repercussion?

Such is the conundrum posed when the enigmatic Agent Graves offers down-and-out men and women an attaché containing a photograph, irrefutable evidence that the photographed person is responsible for everything wrong in the recipient's life, and a handgun armed with 100 completely untraceable, law-surpassing bullets.

There is no shortage of characters in "100 Bullets" that Idris Elba could play. Best known for his role as the drug-slinging Stringer Bell on HBO's "The Wire," Elba would be right at home playing one of the many ruthless thugs that "100 Bullets" has to offer, though I also think he'd make for an amazing Mr. Shepherd, a rival figure that goes against the shady Agent Graves.

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