[UPDATED] Kevin Spacey And Mos Def To Star In 'Buskers' Adaptation?

BuskersSinger and music producer Jeymes Samuel is preparing to direct a film adaptation of “Buskers”—a graphic novel he co-wrote with Sean Michael Wilson and artist Michiru Morikawa.

[UPDATE: A representative of Jeymes Samuel has issued the following statement in response to this post:

The film 'Buskers' has yet to have it's cast finalised and both Jeymes Samuel and the production company Film Village totally disassociate themselves and their production from any press or article that suggest either Kevin Spacey or Damon Albarn are cast members. Once casting is finalised details as to who will star in the production will be released to the press.]

In an interview with HeyUGuys, Samuel said Kevin Spacey, Damon Albarn, Ian Brown and Mos Def are signed to star in the “Buskers” movie, with the film expected to begin shooting in December. “Inglourious Basterds” producer Pilar Savone is also onboard and the London-based musical collective The BulliTTs will provide the soundtrack.

Released earlier this year by Insomnia Publications, the graphic novel follows a man who loses his high paying job as a banker and is forced to reevaluate his life as he falls into the underbelly of London’s busker community. "Buskers" are entertainers who perform in public for tips.

Samuel—who is perhaps best known for his single “When It Rains”—said the female lead has not yet been cast. The official “Buskers” website is already online.

Samuel also hinted that the long-rumored “Gorillaz” movie may finally be in the works. While the inital story at HeyUGuys credits Samuel as a producer of "The Gorillaz", he later clarified on his blog that he has not produced anything by them.

"We’ve worked together," Samuel explained. "Those guys are like my family."

The trend of musician-driven comics has been around for a long time—most notably in the‘70s with "KISS" and "Alice Cooper" comics at Marvel. More recently, several musicians have been crossing over to comics with original properties instead of licensed titles.

Possibly most notable is Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, whose award-winning comic "The Umbrella Academy” has been fast-tracked by Universal Studios. Voltaire’s “Chi-Chian” comic also recently scored a movie deal.

What do you think of the story behind “Buskers”? How do you feel about musician driven comics? Are you excited about “The Gorillaz” possibly starring in a movie? Put down “Guitar Hero” for a second and let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section or on Twitter!