Rick Remender's 'Sorrow' Horror Comic Optioned By 'Saw' Producers

SorrowRick Remender, Seth Peck and Francesco Francavilla's horror comic “Sorrow” has been optioned as a potential feature film by Twisted Pictures, the production company behind the “Saw” franchise.

Screenwriter Michael Hidalgo (“The Butcherhouse Chronicles”) is set to adapt the script, according to Shock Till You Drop. First published as a four issue miniseries in 2007 by Image Comics, “Sorrow” follows a young woman and her friends who are stranded in a literal ghost town where the spirits of the dead threaten to claim the bodies of the living.

“Saw” producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules are also onboard the project. Burg and Koules are also executive producers of the long running sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.”

Remender is quickly becoming one of the busiest comic creators in Hollywood. Earlier this year, Remender was tapped to write the screenplay adaptation of his upcoming miniseries “The Last Days of American Crime” from Radical Publishing. Back in March, Remender told MTV News that he is also adapting the script for “XXXombies” with co-creator Kieron Dwyer.

Additionally, Remender and Dwyer’s “Night Mary” has been picked up by Animal Logic, the studio behind “300.”

Remender and artist Tony Moore’s "Fear Agent" is also in development at Universal.

Are you excited to see “Sorrow” head to the big screen? Which Remender comic should be adapted next: “Sea of Red”, “Strange Girl” or “The End League”? Summon your thoughts in the comments section below or manifest your feelings on Twitter!