A 'Ghost Rider 2' Update, A 'Dr. Horrible' Sequel, And War Machine News: It's The Back-Issue Bin!

War MachineAnother busy week draws to a close here at Splash Page HQ, with bunches of exclusive interviews and features climbing their way into the week's top stories. Not much separated the most popular posts this time around, with the wealth of attention spread evenly among various topics.

Here's how the week's Top 10 posts shook out:

10. In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Sam Rockwell explained the nature of Justin Hammer's relationship with War Machine in "Iron Man 2."

9. The latest (of many) deaths of Nathan Petrelli in "Heroes" got us thinking about how many times he's passed into the hereafter—and whether this time will stick.

8. What if the Batmobile was designed by "Alien" creator H.R. Giger?

7. For this week's Secret Identity, we picked five actresses who could play Catwoman.

6. Did you remember, remember the 5th of November? We did!

5. Willem Dafoe pondered the possibility of a return to the "Spider-Man" movie franchise.

4. Zack Whedon gave us an exclusive preview of the "Dr. Horrible" comic he's writing for Dark Horse.

3. In this week's poll, we asked which villain you'd like to see in "Batman 3"—and there's still time to vote!

2. Nathan Fillion told us the "Dr. Horrible" sequel is not only underway, but it has a title and a few songs written.

And for the top story of the week...

1. David Goyer gave us an update on "Ghost Rider 2," and explained whether the sequel would be exactly that or a full-on reboot of the franchise.

See you next week, folks!

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