'Sin City 2' Producer Options Joe Casey's 'Full Moon Fever' And John Romita Jr.'s 'The Gray Area'

Full Moon Fever“Sin City 2” producer Stephen L'Heureux’s Solipsist Films has picked up the options for two more comic book adaptations: Joe Casey and Caleb Gerard’s “Full Moon Fever” and Glen Brunswick and John Romita Jr.’s “The Gray Area.”

According to Mania.com, Casey and Brunswick are both attached to adapt their respective titles.

“Full Moon Fever” was originally published as a graphic novel in 2005 by AiT/PlanetLar. The story follows an interstellar plumber—or “lunar waste disposal technician”—named Zeke Kirby who encounters a werewolf on a moon-based space station. Director Renny Harlin optioned “Full Moon Fever” a month before it was published, but the rights subsequently reverted to Casey.

"It's a lot like 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. It's fast-paced and really fun," said L'Heureux.

Brunswick and Romita Jr.’s “The Gray Area” was first published as a three-issue miniseries by Image Comics back in 2005. The series follows a corrupt cop named Rudy Chance who is executed by drug dealers before being recruited to an afterlife police force to fight evil and earn his redemption. “The Gray Area” was Romita Jr.’s first forary into creator-owned comics. “Kick-Ass”—his follow-up project with writer Mark Millar—will hit theaters next year.

“Full Moon Fever” and “The Gray Area” are both very early in development and currently being shopped to directors. In addition to his film projects with Frank Miller, L'Heureux recently picked up the film rights for the independent graphic novel, “Almighty.”

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