David Goyer Explains Marc Guggenheim's Exit From 'FlashForward' TV Series

FROM MOVIES BLOG: A few weeks back, Marc Guggenheim departed his role as co-showrunner of "FlashForward," leaving the job solely to co-creator David Goyer. The move came as a surprise to many, considering the critical approval that the show has received. Goyer himself touts tonight's episode as the best installment yet. Sure there are challenges, but that is true of every show on television.

Many have wondered how Guggenheim's exit might effect the upcoming slate of episodes. Goyer has a great background in film and TV; his writing on Chris Nolan's "Batman" films revived the ailing franchise and he executive produced the underrated TV series "Threshold." "FlashForward" is his biggest TV project yet, but he brings a lot of experience to the table and will be fine without Guggenheim.

Besides, Goyer told MTV in a recent interview that the departure was hardly a surprise—indeed, it was always part of the plan.

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