'Sin City' Producer Bringing 'Almighty' To The Big Screen

AlmightyEd LaRoche’s graphic novel “Almighty” has been optioned by “Sin City” producer Stephen L'Heureux’s Solipsist Films.

According to Mania, “Black Hawk Down” screenwriter Ken Nolan is also attached to adapt the script and “Almighty” is already being shown to potential directors.

Created, written and drawn by LaRoche, “Almighty” takes place in 2098 and follows Fale, a female mercenary who is hired to rescue a girl from kidnappers and bring her home safely across the dangerous terrain of a "third world America" that has descended into neo-tribalism.

According to LaRoche, Fale is a departure from the standard female action hero—embodied in recent years by Kate Beckinsale’s Selene from the “Underworld” film series and numerous Milla Jovovich movies like “Resident Evil” and “Ultraviolet.”

"I don't see a five foot four, hundred and ten pound girl kicking everybody's ass in that role, and then she's pretty too, on top of it," LaRoche explained to Mania. "That's not what a real action hero would be concerned with. How they look, whether their lipstick is on right and do they look good in heels.”

"I think that if you create a character and that men could sit there and go, 'I relate to this person,’” LaRoche continued. “’If I was in a fox hole, If I had to go through the door, through a window, through a skylight, I'd want this person behind me.’”

L'Heureux, who recently revealed that Frank Miller’s “Hard Boiled” may follow “Sin City 2," discovered “Almighty” after seeing it at one of the Los Angeles area comic shops.

LaRoche produced a limited run of 3000 copies for “Almighty”, which can also be purchased directly at his website.

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