'V' On TV, Drew Carey Run-Ins, And Tony Harris Draws The Flash In Today's Twitter Report

Twitter - AnswerJudging from the number of comics people who were watching the "V" marathon on SyFy Sunday night, it shouldn't surprise anyone to know that most of those same creators were watching the series' remake that premiered on ABC last night. Rob Liefeld, Phil Noto and Brian Reed all chimed in with varying reactions, though Liefeld's was certainly the most enthusiastic.

Elsewhere, it seems like everyone was working on something for DC Comics in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Tony Harris has a new Flash cover, Mike Norton showed off a page of The Answer watching someone sleep and Fred Van Lente just proofed his first story for DC. Check out their tweets after the jump, along with David Petersen's plans for "Mouse Guard," Joshua Hale Fialkov's brush with Drew Carey and more.

It's all in the Twitter Report for November 4, 2009.

"V" pt 1: @robertliefeld V is great! The sleeper cel idea is brilliant! I'm ready for the prequel, V First Contact !

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Onslaught Reborn")

"V" pt 2: @philnoto So,let me get this straight, if the Visitors called themselves Aliens we'd run around calling them A's ?

-Phil Noto, Artist ("Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom," "Batman/Doc Savage Special")

"V" pt 3: @BrianReed I liked V's potential. But it felt like a 2hr pilot edited to 1 hr & I wish anything about them felt alien. Voices. Clothing. Anything.

-Brian Reed, Writer ("Ms. Marvel," "Secret Invasion: Front Line")

@MykeNorten http://twitpic.com/o7nh9 - The Answer watches you while you sleep on the bus.

-Mike Norton, Artist ("Blue Beetle," "Gravity")

@TONYFINGHARRIS Gonna start a Flash Secret Files cover today. Excited. Never Drawn Flash before except my version in JSA: The Liberty Files.

-Tony Harris, Artist ("Ex Machina," "War Heroes")

@JoshFialkov Met Drew Carey while at dinner and helped him test a new game for the Price is Right. Damn LA is weird.

-Joshua Hale Fialkov, Writer ("Cyblade," "Elk's Run")

@fredvanlente Just finished proofing my first story for DC Comics. Very excited -- it's a good way to start

-Fred Van Lente, Writer ("Action Philosophers," "Marvel Zombies")

@mouseguard I need to think up a 10 page stand-alone Mouse Guard story...can't tread on any bits I plan to use in larger stories...tricky

-David Petersen, Writer/Artist ("Mouse Guard")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@ryanqnorth Regarding extra-species kisses: Kirk is a gimmie so we want before 1966, good suggestions were Twilight Zone, Bewitched, and Looney Tunes

-Ryan North, Writer/Artist ("Dinosaur Comics")

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