EXCLUSIVE: Green Arrow 'Super Max' Movie Isn't Threatened By 'Supermax' Horror, Says David Goyer

DESCEarlier in the year, David Goyer provided a much-needed update on "Super Max"—the Green Arrow-centric movie that would feature DC's Emerald Archer wrongfully imprisoned in a maximum security jail for supervillains—by saying that a new writer would be coming aboard the project.

Shortly thereafter, however, a potential game-changer came in the form of "Supermax," an almost identically titled horror project with a very similar premise to Goyer's planned film. Given that news, we recently explained why "Super Max" should be a priority for the newly formed DC Entertainment..

But according to Goyer, the arrival of "Supermax" isn't necessarily the end for Oliver Queen's prison sentence.

"Not necessarily," Goyer told MTV News when asked if "Supermax" was a threat to his own similarly titled project. "I don't think they're mutually exclusive."

While Goyer hasn't given up hope on "Super Max," the filmmaker did say that movement on the project has slowed down, largely due to the recent formation of DC Entertainment.

"Right now, there's not much to report," said Goyer. "Warner Brothers is moving very slowly in terms of what they're intending to do with their DC Projects. They just recently brought on [DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson] and once they've figured that out, they're going to get back to us on that one."

When do you think we'll get official word on Goyer's "Super Max"? Are you still hopeful that the film will see the light of day, or do you think "Supermax" has hurt the DC Entertainment project's odds? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!