EC Comics Horror Titles Headed Back To Hollywood

Tales From The CryptEMO Films has signed a deal to bring the classic EC Comics library of horror titles to film and TV.

Under the terms of the deal, almost all of the EC titles—including "Tales From the Crypt", "Vault of Horror," "Haunt of Fear," "Weird Fantasy," "Shock SuspenStories" and "Two-Fisted Tales" will be utilized as potential movies, TV series and even radio programs.

According to Reuters, Joel Eisenberg and Timothy Owens of EMO Films have formed a specialized subdivision to specifically represent the EC Comics properties along with EC publisher William Gaines’ daughter Cathy Gaines-Mifsud, and grandson Corey Mifsud, who will be the VP of Development for the newly formed EC Film, Radio and Television, Ltd.

Eisenberg is also attached to “Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines,” the upcoming film about Gaines’ life. William Gaines was a widely respected figure in the comic industry for spearheading a line of innovative horror, crime and science fiction comic books in the ‘50s before running afoul of child psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham and a subsequent senate investigation that gutted EC's comic line.

"Tales From the Crypt" was the most recent EC property to breakout in Hollywood as an HBO series and two feature films back in the ‘90s. While most modern horror comics like “30 Days of Night” and “Criminal Macabre” have largely moved away from the anthology stories favored by the classic EC Comics; the producers may be able to better utilize the properties by expanding the original stories into separate films—similar to Ed Brubaker’s approach with any potential “Criminal” movie.

Which EC Comics would you like to see as a movie? Do you think horror anthologies will make a comeback on the big screen? Rise from your grave and let us know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter!