Which Villain Do You Want To See In 'Batman 3'?

BatmanOkay, so we haven't even received official word that there will be a third movie in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" franchise, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about the characters we'd like to see in the film if it ever gets made.

When it comes to the Batman movies, there's a long—and some might say sordid—history of jam-packing greater numbers of villains into each installment. However, with the passing of Heath Ledger last year, the most prominent prospect for the next installment's villain suddenly (and tragically) became an impossibility. The question now becomes: will Nolan go for a returning character or someone entirely new if/when he tackles the Dark Knight next?

I've compiled a list of some of the characters whose names have popped up when discussing potential villains for the third "Batman" movie—from legitimate contenders to the stuff of rumors. Now's your chance to tell the world who you think the Dark Knight should match wits with in the next film!

Voting in this poll will end Monday, November 9, at 12 PM EST. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did, as I’ll be selecting responses from readers to feature in a post about the results.

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