The Many Deaths Of Nathan Petrelli On 'Heroes'

Adrian PasdarLast month, some controversy arose in the "Heroes" department following word that a male series regular — one who had been with the show since its first season — would be unceremoniously written off at some point in the near future.

After weeks of fan speculation, Deadline Hollywood Daily has let the cat out of the bag that the soon-to-be-deceased character is none other than flight-worthy politician Nathan Petrelli, played by actor Adrian Pasdar. It's hard to classify the news as a spoiler, particularly considering Petrelli's death at the end of the last season... and the season before that... and the season before that.

To date, the ill-fated senator has gone through more deaths than any one super-man should have to endure. Here are all of the ones that I can remember—head to the comments and let me know if I'm missing any.

1. Death By Nuclear Explosion: Peter Petrelli's accidental conversion into a walking atomic bomb didn't quite kill older brother Nathan, but it certainly came close. Nathan was hideously scarred and charred by Peter's nuclear explosion, which surely could have killed him if not for the healing powers contained in biological daughter Claire Bennett's blood.

2. Death By Assassination: Volume two ended in a cliffhanger when a mysterious shooter — later revealed to be a future version of Peter — riddled Nathan with bullets during an important public speech. The fledgling politician actually died this time but was miraculously revived, leading him to believe that God has bestowed him with a second chance at life.

3. Death By Bloodletting: Nathan's miracle resurrection was short-lived thanks to the ruthless Sylar, who slit the flyboy's throat wide open at the end of the third season. Shortly thereafter, Sylar was bested by Nathan's mother, Mr. Bennett and Matt Parkman when his soul was replaced with Nathan's mind and likeness, offering the oldest Petrelli brother yet another lease on life — albeit a super creepy one.

4. Death By Burial: Early on in the current season, Nathan — now inhabiting Sylar's body, which was shape-shifted to resemble the politician — was shot in the chest and buried in an unmarked grave. When he emerged from his rudimentary tomb, he was once again sporting Sylar's likeness and had no memories of his past whatsoever. Nathan hasn't been seen since, though Sylar now shows signs of relating more to the occasionally heroic senator than his actual murderous self.

5. Death By Firing: According to E! Online, Adrian Pasdar learned of his firing by reading of his character's final demise in the script for a yet-to-be-aired episode, so it remains unclear exactly how Nathan Petrelli will flee the world of "Heroes" once and for all. But given the character's many deaths and near-deaths — not to mention the show's rapidly declining ratings — perhaps Pasdar's departure is a blessing in disguise for the actor.

Can you remember any of Nathan's other deaths and near-deaths? Sound off in the comments section or on Twitter!

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