'Red' Adaptation Recruits Helen Mirren, Plans For November 2010 Release Date

Helen MirrenThe cast for "Red," the adaptation of the Wildstorm miniseries created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, already has reputable talent in the forms of Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman—but another actress is bringing a certain regal flair to the comic book film.

According to Screen Daily, "The Queen" actress Helen Mirren is joining the cast of "Red," which is directed by "The Time Traveler's Wife" helmer Robert Schwentke.

Additionally, the previously announced January start date is reaffirmed by the report, with an eye towards a November 19, 2010 release date.

The "Red" comic book miniseries focuses on Paul Moses, a retired CIA operative that is lured back into the espionage game after he is betrayed by the government he had dedicated his life to protect. Bruce Willis plays Moses in the film, while actor Morgan Freeman plays the CIA higher-up that orders the execution of Moses.

Mirren's specific role is currently unknown, though it's likely that she'll play the role of Willis' former handler, a character that is largely heard over phone calls rather than seen. Whether the role is elongated for the film remains unclear, as does Mirren's attachment to that particular character.

What is known is that the film will make some departures from the comic book series—including a more comedic approach than the Ellis and Hamner-created graphic novel—as director Schwentke told MTV News that the film won't be "as violent as the comic book." Additionally, Schwentke said that Willis' character is named Frank, despite being called Paul Moses in the original series. Freeman will play a character named Joe.

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