'Kick-Ass' Co-Creator Mark Millar To Direct Secret Movie Project?

Kick-AssFrom "Wanted" to "Kick-Ass," the comic book work of Mark Millar has had a happy home on film. Now, it appears that the writer is looking to get a word in edgewise with the movie medium by making his debut as a director.

Over at Millar's official website, the writer revealed that he'll be directing his very own superhero movie for the big screen. While he wouldn't reveal the title or storyline for the new film, Millar did say that he'd approach the original project much the same as director Matthew Vaughn approached "Kick-Ass"—in other words, without the backing of a big studio.

"I'm doing what Matthew Vaughn did with Kick-Ass and just making it outside the system with private investors," said Millar. "The financing is all secured and the movie stands or falls on how good I can make it, doing what Matthew did and just selling it once completed."

Already, Millar's slate for 2010 is rather full. In addition to the planned "Wanted 2" and a possible "Kick-Ass 2" should the first film be well-received, Millar also has two other comic books—"War Heroes" and "American Jesus"—that could make the leap to film. On top of that, the writer recently teased a new comic book project with "Civil War" and "Old Man Logan" collaborator Steve McNiven.

While it certainly sounds like one daunting task after the other, Millar said that trying new things is an important step for a creator such as himself.

"I think you need to scare the Hell out of yourself every once in a while and something totally new like directing should do the trick," he said.

According to Millar, official details on this mysterious project could be revealed as soon as February of next year.

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