'Lobo' Writer (And Anthrax Guitarist) Scott Ian Offers Up His Movie Casting & Soundtrack Picks

Lobo: Highway To HellJames Preston Rogers might have won the MTV Splash Page readers' poll for favorite actors to play Lobo in Guy Ritchie's new film, but Anthrax lead guitarist Scott Ian, who's currently writing DC's "Lobo: Highway to Hell" miniseries, has a pick many readers probably haven't considered. But Ian didn't even blink before suggesting a name out of left field.

"Yeah, this guy named Matt Willig," Ian told MTV News. "He's an ex-football player who's gotten into acting and if you watch 'Dexter' he played a guy named [Little Chino]."

Willig spent nearly 14 seasons in the NFL, according to NFL.com, before leaving for roles in TV shows like "Dexter," "CSI" and eventually a part in the Jack Black and Michael Cera comedy "Year One."

"He's like seven feet tall, and I think he would be perfect," Ian said. Willig definitely has the size. IMDb lists him at just over six and a half feet tall, which isn't quite seven, but it's close enough to be imposing on screen.

As for the movie's soundtrack, Ian has a much broader set of options to propose. "Pretty much any Anthrax track," he responded when asked if his band had anything appropriate.

Check out a full preview of "Lobo: Highway To Hell," featuring a story by Scott Ian and art by Sam Kieth, by clicking on the cover image below.

Do think think Matthew Willig would be a good fit for Lobo? Are there any Anthrax tracks you think should be included in the Guy Ritchie's Lobo film? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.