Christopher Mintz-Plasse On His 'Kick-Ass' Fight Scene And Weed-Smoking Superhero

The Red MistAs comic book readers are already well aware, the titular hero of the upcoming "Kick-Ass," is in for some serious hurt come the film's April 16 release date, but the jury is still out on just what's in store for his crimson-clad compatriot The Red Mist.

Played by actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, The Red Mist is a very different beast from his crime fighting forebearer, with a more prominent mane, a glammed-out look, an actual set of wheels and, well, a penchant for partaking in the occasional illegal substance.

"My character is very more out there, very open with smoking weed and is like, 'let's go out there and fight crime!' and Kick-Ass is very aware of what's going on around him," Mintz-Plasse explained to MTV News.

The cavalier antics of The Red Mist may have to do with his association with the mob, namely his father's occupation as a something of a crime lord, which could complicate his alliances when push comes to shove. Whatever the case, in the spirit of secret identifies, Mintz-Plasse seems committed to remaining spoiler-free.

"I have one-and-a-half fight scenes," said Mintz-Plasse, "I can't tell you what it is."

Whether The Red Mist end up battling his own flesh and blood or taking a more criminal path remains to be seen, but given what's already known about the subtle differences between the source material and the actual film, the character's place in the story could be one of the film's biggest surprises.

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