The World Series, Whilce Portacio's Wolverine And 'Scrubs' In Today's Twitter Report

Wolverine - TwitterEven Joe Quesada's temporary backing couldn't net the New York Yankees a a Game 1 win in the World Series last night. The Marvel EiC, David Gallaher and others were tweeting along with the first night of Major League Baseball's championship final round, watching the Phillies snag a relatively easy win in the end.

And speaking of win, Whilce Portacio's recently posted Wolverine sketch is full of it. Dan Slott, meanwhile, used his feed to express outrage over the changes happening with "Scrubs" going into next season. You can check out what they had to say along with with which comic book writer got mistaken for a "Batman" screenwriter at his bank and Halloween costume advice from Jeff Parker.

It's all in the Twitter Report for October 29, 2009.

World Series pt 1: @DavidGallaher I wonder if the Yankees will be cursed to lose this series and every series to follow, sort of like the Red Sox for a while

-David Gallaher, Writer ("High Moon")

World Series pt 2: @JoeQuesada #mlbpulse GO YANKS! Oh god, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

-Joe Quesada, Writer/Editor-in-Chief/Artist ("NYX," "The Ray")

@WhilcePortacio - Wolvie I just did in one of my sketchbooks

-Whilce Portacio, Artist ("Wetworks," "X-Factor")

@DanSlott Yesterday ABC announced a 9th season of Scrubs which is "...ditching its hospital its setting and introducing a largely new cast." WHY?!!

-Dan Slott, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "Avengers: The Initiative")

@D_MacPherson Bank teller: Wow, you work for DC Comics?! Me: Yeah, kinda. Teller: I loved the Batman films! Me: I wrote them. Teller: Really? Me: No.

-Dwight MacPherson, Writer ("Sidewise," "The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo")

@MykeNorten Man I'm tired. Woke up too late for me. Maybe I got the sleepin' sickness. Or maybe I'm playing Brutal Legend past my bedtime...

-Mike Norton, Artist ("Blue Beetle," "Gravity")

@jeffparker My often unpopular costume stance: If you have to explain to everyone what your costume is (conceptual!) it's not a good costume.

-Jeff Parker, Writer ("Agents of Atlas," "Underground")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@ronmarz The artist's primary job is to tell the story, NOT drawing cool figures and rendering everything with a million tiny lines.

-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

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