EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Fillion Compares 'Greatest American Hero' To 'Firefly,' Campaigns For Reboot

"Castle" star Nathan Fillion is already a hero to many fans due to his place in Joss Whedon's over-too-soon "Firefly" universe, but could he be the "Greatest American Hero"?

When the actor dropped by Splash Page HQ, he shared some thoughts about his hopes for rebooting the classic early-'80s television series about a teacher who's given a suit that grants him superhero powers, only to lose the instruction manual. Comparing the award-winning series' demise to that of the much-loved "Firefly," Fillion explained why he's the perfect choice to star in a "Greatest American Hero" reboot.

"I think 'Greatest American Hero' is ripe for a comeback," Fillion told MTV News. "I know I'm Canadian, but I think I could put my hat in for that one."

"I just finished watching the DVD collection of it and thought it had some really great direction and I think it kind of slipped and slid around a little bit," he explained. "They changed the main character's name a couple times ... It seemed to be suffering from the same kind of mistreatment that 'Firefly' suffered from—episodes being shown out of order, never for more than two weeks consecutively, [and] being preempted for different things."

And while "Firefly" was eventually able to tie up loose ends with the feature-length film "Serenity," Fillion said he'd like to revisit the "Greatest American Hero" with a full-on reboot that honors the original series.

"It's too bad they just didn't just let it continue in this very strong direction and just let it become its own thing and let it grow and let it be incredibly strong," he said. "What better way to pay homage to something I enjoyed as a younger man than to do it again."

Is Fillion the right guy to bring "Greatest American Hero" back to the screen? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!